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Why The Hell Aren't We Bombing


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What's wrong with Bush? The Axis of Evil lurks bigtime, and we do nothing!!

The President of Lebanon tells Condie not to bring her ass over to see him, because he won't meet with her. What's the reprisal by the U.S.? We get Isreal to give 'em a break in the war. That sends about the same message as Regan did to the terrorists who blew up our soldiers in Beruit years ago. (Three days after he gave a speech about the desasterous effects of cutting and running, he ordered the troops out.)

What a great foreign policy. "We will destroy you unless you spurn us, then we will exert pressure on our friends to help you." Man, talk about mixed signals.

We've got a democratic government established in Iraq, and now we should be ready to "spread freedom" to all non-African oppressed peoples of the world. Too bad no African Countries made it into the Axis of Evil.

What's wrong? Am I missing something here?

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To put it simply, he is clueless.

Don't forget, none of these clowns really ever served in combat, except Bush. :roflol: The answer to your question: they're gonna leave for the next administration to clean up, since they have already cleaned up financially. Man, I hope we prosecute these guys and bury them in Iraq after the sentence is carried out. Quagmire, however, understates the facts in this case. I guess he got the Axis of Evil part right, he just didn't understand how properly to handle it. There is plenty of blame to go around, both Repub and Dem, but the thing to do is let the CIA clean out their own closet. :au:

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