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Coach Muschamp previously commented on the success rate of college and NFL teams when they force 3 turnovers during the game.

Obviously, when you attack on defense you increase the chance of giving up the big play. Here is the tradeoff for Auburn over the past six years.

Over the last six seasons, Auburn is 10-1 when they force at least 3 turnovers despite giving up at least 2 plays of 30-yards or more in the same game. The only defeat was in 2002 against USC.

Total # of games AU forced at least 3 turnovers:

2000: 6 (5-1) / loss to UF

2001: 3 (3-0)

2002: 6 (5-1) / loss to USC

2003: 4 (4-0)

2004: 3 (3-0)

2005: 1 (1-0)

Overall record: 21-2-0

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Forced-turnovers are great but the key to success is cashing in on them.

For example...

During the 1993 season, we forced 25 TO's averaging 4.7 pts per TO.

In 1994, we forced 35 TO's, averaging 4.3 pts per TO, which accounted for 42% of our scoring. :thumbsup

Last year, we averaged 4.3 pts per TO but only forced 15 TO's. :thumbsdown

In 1996, Oliver's defense forced 38 TO's but we only averaged 2.9 pts per TO. In 1998, Oliver's defense forced 34 TO's but we averaged only 1.7 pts per TO.

If Muschamp's "D" can get us back up to 25-30 TO's and Borges can average arounf 4 pts per TO, Auburn should have a terrific season.

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