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Belching sword swallower accidentally impales audience member

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OK, this is my last news item from the Weekly World News.....I swear! :big:


MAGIC, Minn. -- Spectators at the Magic Renaissance Festival got more of a show than they bargained for when sword swallower Edmund Cardoza, 52, accidentally belched up a saber that impaled audience member Mike Griffin, 26.

"It happened so fast I didn't know what hit me," Griffin said. "Suddenly there was this sword sticking straight through my shoulder and my wife was screaming."

The injured man was rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to remove the weapon. Griffin is expected to make a full recovery.

Police officers questioned Cardoza who explained it was an accident, though he admitted to wolfing down a triple corned beef and cabbage club sandwich in the short intermission between weekend shows.

"Gas is a swordswallower's greatest enemy," he said gravely.

The embarrassed blademaster has apologized to the Griffin family, though he has no plans to retire.

"I should have remembered what my mentor, the Great Foil, told me," Cardoza said. "He warned me about having a late 'lunge'."


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