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Is it just me...?

Jenny AU-92

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A local Houston sportwriter sums it up nicely:

Speaking of 10-year anniversary, that's how long it had been since the Royals swept a three-game series from the Red Sox. They did it again this week, and Red Sox Nation is in a panic as their playoff hopes disappear. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, it was the first time in 20 years the Red Sox were swept by a team with baseball's worst record.

Curt Schilling allowed 10 extra base hits in Thursday's defeat. According to Elias, that's the most a pitcher has allowed in 37 years. Luis Tiant gave up 10 on April 18, 1969. Schilling is the first American Leaguer to allow nine or more doubles in a game. Washington's Earl Whitehill gave up 10 on July 10, 1935.

This might be more information than you'd like to have on the Red Sox, but... On this 1-5 road trip, the Boston bullpen had a 7.24 ERA. They've allowed 11 of their last 33 runs in the eighth inning or later. Ouch.

Tee hee... :roflol:

;) Welcome to MY world, ranger...

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Can't this season already end...

Isn't it about time for another strike? Can't we just stop play now and do without the playoffs or World Series?

This season is a rancid pile of elk dung.

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Leave it too a Wasabi to make the pain worse. Yes I have been silent. I was waiting to see how this 5 game series with the Evil Empire went before I proclaimed that the season is over.....it's over.

Our middle relief is killing us. Our closer, Paplebon, is the best pitcher we have in the bullpen this year. I don't know what the heck is wrong with Foulke and Timlin. Not having Tim Wakefield and using a pitcher that was released from his team earlier in the year and a guy just brought up from the minors is killing our starting rotation. They way they are playing, not having Varitek in the game is showing how important he is as the captain.

Getting swept in a 5 game series by the *bleeping* Yankees is embarrassing. <_<

C'mon football season!

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