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JOX' Ryan Brown


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The following is an e-mail I received from Ryan Brown. (It is part of another thread but that thread is old news and isn't being visited.)

Thank you for taking the time to write. It is best not to believe everything

you read, especially message boards, which deal primarily in fantasy and rumor.

It is my understanding that someone who posts on one of these message boards

said I had done such a thing. This person heard Jim Dunaway and myself laughing

at people calling off the air who had "sources" telling them everything from

Courtney Taylor would never walk again to he had to be airlifted from the field.

The difference is, we took the time to track down credible sources, including a

member of Auburn's athletic staff, who were at practice. We reported the true

story, a bruised or sprained knee, before we said anything else about the

matter. We followed that up with an interview with Jason Caldwell of Inside The

Auburn Tigers, who was at practice.

Unfortunately, people seem to read and hear what they want to. It is even more

unfortunate that people take what others say as the undeniable fact when they

did not hear it themselves. I guess, however, I am in the wrong for expecting

credibility out of someone who has so little belief in what they are saying that

they will only write it under an assumed name. Auburn is my pick to win the

SEC. Believe me, I am happy Courtney will be a part of that team.

Thanks again for taking the time to write!

Ryan Brown

Executive Producer


Birmingham, Alabama

o-(205) 917-1934

f-(205) 945-3999

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