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On WJOX they were discussing an article out of soemwhere regarding Tiger Stadium in Red Stick and the whole "Death Valley" at night thing. One of the guys says he felt that night games in BR were overrated. Not that it wasn't loud and crazy but that the "mystique" was really a myth.

To that someone threw out that LSU is something like 195-59-1 at home since 1960. My question to you is how does Auburn compare? Do you have any numbers on the rest of the SEC?

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According to Stassen.com, LSU is 211-82-7 at home from 1960 through 2005.

Here is the home wim pct of all 12 SEC teams since 1960:

0.804 Alabama

0.786 Florida

0.772 Auburn

0.768 Tennessee

0.766 Georgia

0.734 Arkansas

0.715 LSU

0.655 Ole Miss

0.602 USC

0.559 Miss State

0.504 Kentucky

0.369 Vanderbilt

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WOW! We need to start playing more non-ranked OOC games @ JH.

Like Central Florida or La Tech...No wait...Nevermind.

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Home win pct since 1992:

0.872 Florida

0.824 Tennessee

0.771 Auburn

0.753 Georgia

0.706 Alabama

0.677 LSU

0.655 Ole Miss

0.646 Arkansas

0.559 Miss State

0.506 USC

0.448 Kentucky

0.302 Vanderbilt

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I just found this. This is what they were referring to on the radio. I guess the 195 was night games or something. :roll:

GLENN GUILBEAU: Not all LSU night games are memorable

August 13, 2006

BATON ROUGE -- The 75th anniversary of LSU playing football at night is this season, beginning on Sept. 2 when the Tigers host Louisiana-Lafayette at 7 p.m.

LSU has had some wonderful moments over the decades under the moon in Tiger Stadium, and the school's sports information department has decided to let fans vote for their five best night games in LSU football history via lsusports.net.

LSU also has a history of great sports information directors and sports writers, which is one reason why LSU has such a mystique. The Tigers are really no better than most schools at night. But the sports information department's yearly media guide perpetuates this part myth, part legend, part true aspect of LSU year in and year out.

Surely, there are other schools out there who have had landmark anniversaries of night football, but they didn't celebrate it. Surely, there have been eruptions of applause loud enough to register in a school's geology department all across the United States, but only LSU has detailed such an event in their media guide every year since we are told it happened in 1988 against Auburn. How many schools had one punt return shown on sportscasts every Halloween Night for decades? That happened in 1959. Only LSU uses decades-old quotes from writers, coaches and players waxing poetically about storied Tiger Stadium.

Good for LSU, because publicity is an art form. But just in case you forgot, here are the 10 worst night games in recent Tiger Stadium history. Make sure these do not make your list. And after you're done with that list, send your worst to me at, gguilbeau@gannett.com, because I'm sure I'm about to leave some out.

10. Texas A&M 39, LSU 8, Sept. 20, 1975 -- This was LSU's worst home loss since a 37-3 setback to Ole Miss in 1963 and it set the tone for LSU's first losing season (5-6) since 1956.

9. Tulane 31, LSU 28, Nov. 27, 1982 -- The seventh-ranked Tigers were 8-2-1 after ripping No. 7 Florida State 55-21 to reach the Orange Bowl in a game likely to make the top five. After getting doused by oranges the week before, LSU was supposed to destroy the Green Wave, which was headed to another losing season. But by game's end a Greenie found a leftover orange and was eating it.

8. UAB 13, LSU 10, Sept. 23, 2000 -- Coach Nick Saban actually used to be human. He successfully shifted virtually the entire blame to unpopular quarterback Josh Booty, who did throw the late interception that set up the game-winning field goal. But this was one of Saban's darkest hours before dawn, which was a 38-31 overtime win over Tennessee the very next week. That win may make your list. Funny how big wins are near huge losses. Stay tuned.

7. Ole Miss 36, LSU 21, 0ct. 18, 1997 -- This was actually a morning game, but LSU's players and fans had not returned home yet from the Saturday night before when they beat No. 1 Florida so it qualifies as a night game.

6. Alabama 31, LSU 0, Nov. 16, 2002 -- This was a week after the "Bluegrass Miracle" at Kentucky and Saban's worst game because he was in his third year. He couldn't blame Booty this time.

5. Tennessee 30, LSU 27 in OT, Sept. 26, 2006 -- LSU had far too much talent and too much to play for and too big a lead (21-0) to lose to a team that would finish 5-6.

4. Auburn 41, LSU 7, Sept. 18, 1999 -- This was actually a day game too, but LSU and its coaching staff was in the dark so much that it might as well have been at night. The season was just starting, and it was over. So was coach Gerry DiNardo.

3. Miami of Ohio 21, LSU 12, Sept. 20, 1986 -- This remains one of the biggest upsets in college football history. No. 8 LSU had just defeated No. 7 Texas A&M the week before.

2. Colorado State 17, LSU 14, Sept. 26, 1992 -- LSU coach Curley Hallman made LSU a very quiet place, and he had only just begun.

1. Florida 58, LSU 3, Oct. 9, 1993 -- When ESPN panned a virtually empty Tiger Stadium late in this one, you knew it was over for Hallman. Never had the legend been so limp. Near the end of this one, you could have heard an earthquake in San Francisco and trick or treaters in Sicily Island.

Happy Anniversary.

The Shreveport Times

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