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Defensive Preview


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Defense Preview 2006

by Mark


Do I know the difference between a free safety and a strong safety? Not really. Do I know the difference between a nose guard and a defensive tackle? I’m not sure. Do I know how many yards are required for a first down? Of course not.

However, I do know that Auburn’s defense will do one of the following during each play they’re on the field throughout the season:

A) The opposing quarterback will be sacked

B) A pass will be picked off

C) A running back will gain up to 1 yard.

D) A touchdown will be scored against Auburn when David Irons blows his assignment because he was too busy making-out with the opposing quarterback’s girlfriend or sister (or in the case of an Arkansas QB – both).

By the way, it’s ok to admit you don’t know every single rule to football. It doesn’t make you any less of a man.

Similarly, if you know nothing about cars and someone’s car breaks down and asks you for help; don’t say “It’s probably the alternator” just because the alternator is the only sophisticated sounding car part you can recall offhand.

Back to how awesome Auburn’s defense is....

It’s awesome. After all, with players with such beastly names like Eric Brock, Octavious Balcom and Tray Blackmon, you already know you have a fantastic squad. Obviously, none of these cool names come close to the beastliest name ever; Takeo Spikes. I’ve already decided that my first born; be it male or female, will be named Takeo Spikes Paden.

Onto the positions;


Gibson will not be able to play in the September showdown with LSU

Unfortunately, a few of our linebackers have messed up and won’t be allowed to play in the first few games of the season. It’s disappointing to hear about these events but at least they didn’t say anything stupid about ice cream or God's chosen people.

The love-hate relationship Auburn fans have with Will Herring will likely turn into a more favorable one as Herring makes the move from safety to linebacker. We hated it when he blew his coverage on a semi regular basis, but we loved him because when he did hit someone- he messed them up. As a linebacker, he gets to hit people and not worry about running so much.

Karibi Dede, another fantastically named player, did great as linebacker last year. I expect more of the same. I hear he’s a really good guy too. It’s hard to forget that time he returned a fumble for a touchdown against Georgia last year. Clutch.

Defensive Line:

Yeah, Stanley McClover was awesome, but he wasn’t the best defensive end on the team. Quentin Groves and Marquies Gunn were usually the ones making the tackle, but the eye went directly to 75 after the play was over since he had the flashiest dance and those wicked awesome dreads. There’s no need to miss the dreads, Groves’ beastly dreadlocks will make their first start against Washington State.

I’d say he’d get my vote for the Heisman, but the award’s beneath him. I would recommend they change the name of the Heisman to “The Groves Award”. However, the problem is that no other player in college football would be worthy of a Groves, making the award pointless.

Defensive Backs:

People always say the offensive linemen on a team are the most underappreciated. While I realize the O-line is really important, it seems the talent ability is linear to how big the guy naturally is. Also, when someone screws up, the worst thing that can happen is a loss of a down. I think defensive backs are the most underappreciated. They’re often looked down upon as unsuccessful receivers, but their job is so important that if they screw up, the other team can score a fairly easy touchdown. These guys have to be ridiculously fast and really smart to do their jobs correctly.

Cornerback David Irons looks like he’s having a blast when he’s playing football. He dances on the line of scrimmage. That’s not a euphemism. He literally dances before the ball is snapped and doesn’t allow passes to be completed. He’ll trash talk and back it up to receivers nearly a foot taller than he is (he’s listed as 6 foot… he’s not… but it doesn’t matter. Passes aren’t completed when he’s around.) Auburn’s other cornerback, Wilhite, did very well last year and will continue to prove that he’s earned that 24 jersey.

I didn’t really notice Tristan Davis at safety last year, his 19 yards per carry as a running back overshadowed the tackles. However, he’s fast and he’ll do great.

Eric Brock is a huge guy. He’s probably a good safety. I don’t remember much from last year, but that won’t stop me from predicting 12 interceptions.

Yep. Auburn's defense is beastly. War Eagle.http://www.aunation.net/forums/style_images/1/folder_rte_images/hyperlink.gif

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