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UT self reports secondary NCAA violation

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Put The Fork In Coach Phil

We hearing big-time word today that Tennessee Head Coach Phil Fulmer "put another nail in his coaching coffin" with the latest embarrassment to the UT program: a secondary violation of NCAA rules regarding prohibited supplemental pay incident to Volunteers' receivers coach Trooper Taylor taking coin in a speech to school alumni.

Per the Tennessean, Taylor was paid what he said was a "couple thousand dollars" :o to speak to a group of UT boosters at the house of one of the school's Trustees. Tennessee informed the NCAA of the violation.

"I've done that at other schools and know coaches at other schools who've been doing it forever," said Taylor, who will receive a letter of admonishment as part of UT's self reporting.

"It's like I told our compliance people. If I thought for one second that I was doing something illegal, I would have never done it. The one thing I pride myself on is that when I lie down at night, I don't have to worry about anybody looking over my shoulder." Right ... uh-huh.

Coaches are allowed under NCAA rules to earn outside income via "bona fide employment" such as speaking at touchdown club meetings or chamber of commerce meetings.

But the rule that got Taylor was NCAA bylaw, which states that an outside source is prohibited from paying or regularly supplementing an athletics department staff member's annual salary and from arranging to supplement that salary for an unspecified achievement.

Per Fulmer: "It's a procedural thing where we didn't take the proper steps to make sure what the function was. It was completely innocent, just a misinterpretation."

The SEC will now review UT's list of corrective actions concerning this latest violation and either sign off on them or forward the matter to the NCAA for a more in-depth look. (Translation: SEC will whitewash this as per usual for UT.)

Even though it's unlikely that UT will face any NCAA penalties :rolleyes: as a result of the violation, sources tell us it's another hurdle that puts additional pressure on Tennessee (and Fulmer) to have at least a Top 20 year for him to keep his job.

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