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Line King

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


News staff writer


King David Dunlap IV chuckles at the prospect of his son returning home to Nashville next year to announce his life has changed.

"When he's 21, he's going to tell me he's a grown man."

A lot of Auburn's football opponents are already lining up to say that day has come.

King Dunlap IV's son - that's right, King Dunlap V - is taking over as one of the Tigers' offensive tackles this season with big expectations and the body to match. Dunlap stands at 6-foot-9½, weighs 321 pounds and has a wingspan of 82 inches that, by most estimations, requires a fast rental car to get around.

"His mother always says he's the easiest one to find in the huddle. He's the one that goes up to here!" says his father.

Dunlap arrived at Auburn in 2003 as a little guy. He was 6-foot-7. But he's taller and heavier than ever, and has become such an imposing figure, at least standing still, that even his father, a former NFL defensive end, wonders what it would be like to play against him.

"In helmet and cleats, he's 7-feet. People say they're not intimidated playing against him. That's a lie," his father said.

Dunlap comes from an athletic family. His father was a fifth-round pick by the Baltimore Colts in 1969. His mother, Robin, was a world-class sprinter at Tennessee State. His sister, Victoria, is Tennessee's female high school track and field athlete of the year.

"He gets his athleticism from his mother. He gets his height from me."

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Just a note. King has a son that is VI ! ! !

(Hope he keeps his Father's gene pool and allegiances)

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