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I was thinking Mac

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Lenovo to Install Linux on ThinkPads

Lenovo has projected itself as a strong supporter of Linux. It has certified most of its ThinkPad and ThinkCentre PC models to run SUSE, Red Hat and TurboLinux distributions.

But, until now, it had not done work such to create software drivers so that devices such as network modules functioned properly under the operating system. Nor had it offered to give customers who were installing the OS technical assistance.

Lenovo will do both for its T60p/SLED 10 customers. It will supply drivers for things like the ThinkPad's graphics processors, Ethernet and wireless networking modules as well as deliver its ThinkVantage ThinkPad Configuration Utility, Power Manager and Access Connections applications.


What do you guys think?

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Only if you want to do a lot of programming.

I went from Windows to Mac three years ago. I have never looked back. Holy cow it's great. ONE crash in three years. No viruses. Easy file management. And their Tiger version makes it possible to find ANY file in seconds.

Plus you have the added bonus of getting this dashboard widget:


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