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SEC Football Pick’em Site (www.secpicks.com)


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Hello guys and gals! It's that time of year again (SEC Football). I absolutely love this time of year.

I just wanted to give you a personal invite to signup and participate at www.secpicks.com. Pick each and every SEC football game and test your

picking ability against other people. I've added a new feature where you can create a team (ie a group of friends or office group). Not only

can you compete individually against other people but a team will compete with all other teams. You can also compare individual rankings

within teams (ie you may be ranked 30th overall on secpicks.com but be ranked 2nd within your own team).

Moderators: Please don't delete this post. I'm a huge fan of SEC football just like you. However, if you decide to delete this post, I'll understand.

Participation is simple

1. go to www.secpicks.com

2. sign up

3. login

4. make\edit\review your picks weekly

5. (Optional) Create or join a team

Let's have a great football season.


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Bart, in the future, before posting promotions for another site here... How about a friendly PM to one of the site admins??

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