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Texas wins another National Championship


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And Ole Miss leads the SEC at #5:


Princeton Review's top 10 lists

Here are the nation’s top party schools ... as chosen by 115,000 students in the Princeton Review’s 2007 edition of “The Best 361 Colleges.”

1. University of Texas at Austin

2. Penn State University

3. West Virginia University

4. University of Wisconsin-Madison

5. University of Mississippi

6. Ohio University

7. University of Massachusetts-Amherst

8. Louisiana State University

9. University of Iowa

10. University of California, Santa Barbara

GO REBS! :om: Finally ranked at something! :lol:

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Ive partied in many college towns including Austin. I can vouch for their first place finish. Especially coming on the heels of what their football team did.

Having lived there the past four years I too can vouch for them. They've got a bar/club there that caters to everyone's tastes. I prefer 4th Street myself...more pubs and whatnot and it attracts the mid to late 20's professional crowd. 6th Street, the most popular, is the place for all the teeny-bopper techno/hiphop crowd...and the homeless.

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I DONT agree with the ole miss one. Their bars close at midnight!

I agree. There are A LOT more whores in Tuscaloosa.

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Like what else is there to do in Oxford, Miss?

Same could be said of Tuscaloosa or Auburn...this is Austin, TX we're comparing to. That's not even a fair comparison.

How West Virginia is #3 is beyond me though...

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