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As the OC for Oregon, UCLA and California, Al Borges competed against Washington State 5 times, posting a 3-2 record.

Offensive Averages:

33 pts / 149 rush / 250 pass / 399 total / 51.2% run pct

Offensive Averages at UCLA (3 games):

40 pts / 210 rush / 249 pass / 459 total / 57.6% run pct

**run pct is based on the pct of plays and NOT yards**


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your %'s should read pass,not run.... :)

I should have explained better... the run pct is based on play attempts and not yardage.

Even during his days at UCLA, Borges was one of the few OC's in the PAC-10 who ran the ball to set up his passing game. The big man remains true to his approach today. I'm sure that's one of the reasons why CTT hired him.

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