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Interesting Wash State Info...


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War Eagle everyone!! I wanted to share some interesting information. The article I read basically states due to injuries and a lack of depth, the Courgars' margin of error to beat AU has dropped from slim to none. The most important note is they seem to have had even more injuries than us during this month of Aug.

It notes three areas where Wast St is in serous trouble: Defensice end, offensive line, and place kicker.

Def End: One strong side DE starter, Mullenix, may be out for the year with a ACL issue. His backup is a very young guy who currently has a hip flexer. Behind those two, true freshman may end up starting.

Offensive Line: RG Andy Roof, broke thumb, questionable for AU game. Some other OL very young and "raw".

Place Kicker: Last year's PK Ladley ended the season in a trerrible slump and appreantly this continued into this year's summer practices. This has led to the promotion of a new PK, who did better, but has ZERO game experience.

I feel better already!!!!

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...BUT...every time we here this kind of thing...seriously...the other team comes out and plays their rear ends off. Thanks for the info...and don't let our boys read it! :no:


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