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rivals.com or scout.com


rivals.com or scout.com  

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  1. 1. which website is better?

    • rivals.com
    • scout.com

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they both seem very similar and cost the same. Both have recruiting videos and inside info, but scout.com seems to offer a little more for the money. which site do u like and why?

scout.com package

Includes 56 issues of Sports Illustrated (a $39.95 value)

• Unlimited access to the entire Scout.com Network

• Exclusive access to autigers.com Premium Forums

• A Full Year of Team Magazine Coverage

• The biggest, most in-depth player database anywhere

• Complete coverage of Recruiting, Team and Player News

• Recruiting rankings – all players, all teams

• Total Access to Recruiting Videos

• Online Chats with Scout Recruiting Experts

• Scout.com Spring and Fall Recruiting Guides

• $15 Gift Certificate to WhatIfSports.com

• SAVE 20% by ordering the Annual Total Access Pass AND

• Receive A Full Year of Team Magazine Coverage

rivals.com package

.Unlimited network access

.Members-only news

.Premium Message Boards

.FREE Annual Recruiting Yearbook

.Special savings at RivalsFanShop

.20% Discount

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Rivals has better recruiting news. They devote a lot more staff to watching film and going to games to scout the players in person than Scout.com does. Also, Bryan Matthews and Co seem to do a better job at getting inside info and breaking news than the crew at ITAT.

BTW, you also get access to recruiting videos, ratings and such with Rivals. Basically the only real difference is the Sports Illustrated subscription and the $15 gift certificate in terms of what both offer.

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I have been a member of both at one point or another, and I prefer Rivals, whom I still have a subscrption to. Bryan and Jeff do a great job at getting inside info, providing recruting news, as well any and all questions members have.

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I have never been a member of scout.com

But I certainly like my rivals subscription and it was one of the best things I've purchased in the last year...easily. I agree with everyone who has been saying Bryan Matthews and Jeff Lee do a great job of coverage including the Friday War Room (an inside track on how recruiting is going).

I highly recommend Rivals

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Scout's forum is better

Rivals News/Info is better

What he said. Scout has great rumor info, Phillip Marshall, etc. Rivals is da bomb on Recruiting news though.

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I have never been a member of Rivals, so I can't say which is best. What I like about Scout:

1. More from Phillip Marshall

2. Columns by StatTiger

3. Heavy coverage on the players as individuals.

I personally am not interested in blow-by-blow recruiting. I am happy to trust in CTT's judgment on that.


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Rivals s-m-o-k-e-s scout. Its not even a contest.

First off, the site is FAR Better from a clean/user interface point of view. The scout format is crap and tough to navigate.

Secondly, not only do they cover recruiting better, but Rivals does an EXCELLENT job of doing practice reports, posting pics from practice and games...and during the summer, they post videos from almost every single practice/scrimmage.

The closed forum on BOL is always a better scoop than the scout one. And the writers for rivals arent hardcore homers like scout.

Having had a subscription with both, and done behind the scenes business with both...rivals is a far better choice.

IMO of course :)

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The type of crowd on a board can really steer you one way or the other as well.

I have over 10k posts on Rivals board yet you wouldnt notice as I barely have 100-200 within the last 2-3 years there because of the downhill trend the last few years. Some of the higher post counted posters seem to feel their have this elite power where they start threads that say nothing of any significance whatsoever then tell others how stupid/dumb/ext...their threads are.

It's very annoying.

Scout's UGA board has had periods of that but Scott Kennedy and others do a solid job recruiting.

But, on the whole...Rivals does SMOKE SCOUT in terms of news, articles, and pictures.

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thanks for the info, everyone that typed something seems to like rivals, but scout has 11 votes right now and nobody defending thier case. what gives? i guess they voted and left.

i dont care about the forums part, this is the only forum i need :big:

but i would like in depth recruiting news and info and lots of Videos

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