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When Have You Feared For Your Life The Most?

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Here's mine:

I was sailing with some friends in the Caribbean several years ago and anchored off this small island in the Grenandines. The three of us climb into a dinghy to motor in to pick up more food and beer.

The engine on this dinghy was seriously underpowered, so we were just chugging through the water when we notice a couple of dorsal fins in the water. This shark swims straight up to the raft and BUMPS IT a glancing blow. Then circles back around a bumps it again. I swear, this shark was at least ten feet long (Of course, I was pissing peach pits so forgive me if I am not exact). Then the thing bumps us a third time really hard.

We thought it was coming back around to finish us off, but it swims off. Meanwhile, we putter into shore. By this time, a crowd of about 20 had gathered on the dock watching, and this one native guy was yelling something in French and then changed to English, "Head to the beach, he's coming back!"

So we motor the remaining twenty yards in, jump out of the dinghy onto the beach with our knees wobbling and look back to see this bigass shark lazily making his way back out towards the anchorage.

I have no idea what kind of shark it was. A couple of guys said it was a mako, another in the bar said "Sounds like a tiger shark to me."

We drank quite a bit to calm our nerves that afternoon. Then we bought two spearguns for our return trip to the boat, just in case. The shark didn't show back up again, but that return boat trip had to have been the longest 5 minutes of my life.

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Well, mine can't compete with that, but I'll share anyway...

September 30, 1989...I'm driving from Auburn to Knoxville for the football game. It was raining the entire way up and I'm on I-75 between Chattanooga and Knoxville. I hit a patch of standing water in the left lane and all of a sudden I'm sliding across both lanes of traffic with the RPMs momentarily gunned to about 6000 because of the temporary loss of traction. Miraculously, no one was in the right lane and I was able to correct and get back going without incident...I had to stop for a bit in Cleveland to collect myself, though.

That whole trip sucked...crappy weather and Tennessee won the game 21-14.

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