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Falcons are happy with David Irons pick

An Auburn Fan

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The below lines are copied from the email that I received from falcons official correspondence. Since I used to order tickets to falcons games online, they used to send me email updates.

“The 2007 draft is over! Do you know you your Atlanta Falcons fared?

Atlanta Falcons

Best pick: They got the best defensive player in the first round when they took defensive end Jamaal Anderson. He will be a star.

Second-day gem: Sixth-round pick David Irons, a corner from Auburn, is one of those feisty players who will find his way onto the roster.”

War Eagle!!

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I'm a Falcons season ticket holder and I'm glad they got David. I think he has a chance to be very good. I don't know why he fell off the radar so much. They were predicting him to be a second rounder before the season.

I'm not sold on Houston. He let up a lot of big plays in big games. I also don't think that Jamaal Anderson was worth the 8th overall pick. I think they wanted Landry and he was already gone.

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