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The Tim Robbins Speech that the MSM dont want you to hear...

DKW 86

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Censored from the real people of America. We, the non-Elites of America, are too stupid to know what to listen to.

Tim Robbins: "We (the media in the America) are the guardians of the Human Spirit."


Funny, when Conservatives say the same things, we are called Nazis, Censors, Haters, etc. Tim Robbins calls for it and he is applauded wildly by the National Associations of Broadcasters.

He ends by saying that there might be a way to make money out of being a better friendlier media. Hey, I got news for Tim. The Top Grossing Movies of All Time are all family fare. Why then do we have Hollyweird shoving these negative schlock bombs down our throats like:

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Stop Loss

Fahrenheit 911

Endless mind numbing slasher movies like Saw, Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc


Schlock like these were not the answer to any questions put forth by the general public and appeal to everything Tim Robbins is objecting to now. So why should we disregard this when Conservatives, or even parents ask for better programming but applaud wildly when Tim Robbins, icon of the Left, asks for change?

Somehow, while I agree with everything the guy says, I smell politics in every word.

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