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Head-to-Head Recruiting vs UNC?


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The proverbial you know what is getting ready to hit the fan at UNC over academic infractions http://www.wralsportsfan.com/unc/story/8196034/ and it isn't going to be pretty.  Butch Davis knew who and what he was hiring when he hired John Blake, one of the dirtiest assistant coaches ("recruiters") in the buisness and now he's going to pay.  Looks like LSU will be teeing it up vs a much depleted UNC team. 

I don't know if we have any head-to-head 2011 recruiting battles underway vs the Tarheels but this should help if we do.

By the way, this is a sobering wake-up call for the holier-than-thou ACC fans who love to look down their noses at the SEC, as typified by this post...  http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=78&f=1408&t=6264920

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