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Will 2010 be a record breaking year for the AU Offense?


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With the return of 4 starters on the offensive line, an abundance of talented skill players and an offensive coordinator who schemes to creates big plays, the 2010 Auburn offense has an opportunity to break some school records this season. With that in mind, here are some of the current school records.


Yards per game: 312.5 (1985)

  Last season, the Auburn running game averaged 212.0 yards per game. Though I expect a continued improvement, it won’t likely be close enough to touch 312.5 per game. The current record was established by an offense that was completely reliant on the running game, which should keep this record in tact for quite sometime.

Yards per rush: 5.66 (1979)

  This record is within reach when you consider Auburn averaged 5.01 yards per rush in 2009 and Malzahn’s offense at Arkansas averaged 5.9 yards per rush and his Tulsa offense in 2008 averaged 5.6 yards per rush.

Rushing TD’s (season): 36 (1985)

  Last season, Auburn recorded 24 rushing TD’s and Malzahn’s Arkansas offense in 2006, totaled only 26. His 2008 Tulsa offense had 40 rushing TD’s. In a 13 game season, it would take close to 3 rushing TD’s per game to break the record, making this one unlikely but remotely possible.

Most rushing yards in a game: 565 (1985 vs. SWL)

  During the 2008 season, Tulsa rushed for over 400-yards on two occasions and the highest total was 489 yards. Once again, the 1985 Auburn offense was run-oriented, making this record near impossible to break in the current style of offense.


Yards per game: 288.5 (1970)

  This one is a possibility mainly because both of Malzahn’s offenses at Tulsa would have shattered this record. Last season, Auburn averaged 219.8 yards per game but the 3-game slump against Arkansas, LSU and Kentucky skewed the passing numbers. Had Auburn averaged 200-yards passing per game in those 3-losses, the Tigers would have finished the season with 242.0 yards per game. Though I believe this record is attainable in 2010, I see the passing game averaging somewhere in the neighborhood of 240-250 per game.

Total Passing Yards: 3282 (1997)

  Auburn had 2857-yards in 2009, including the 3-game losing streak, where Auburn passed for only 305-yards. There is a high probability this record could be broken in 2010, mainly because Auburn will play more games compared to 1997. Bowl stats were not included until the 2002 season and if you included Auburn’s bowl yardage from the 1997 season, the record would be 3541-yards, which I don’t see being broken this season.

Passing TD’s in a season: 25 (2004 and 2009)

  I believe this record is broken in 2010 and will not be surprised if Auburn has 30 TD passes in 2010.

Total Yardage and Scoring Records:

Total Yards in a season: 5613 (2009)

  Malzahn has already established the latest school record and will likely break it again in 2010.

Yards per game: 485.0 (1970)

  The 1970 Auburn offense was No. 1 in the nation in 1970 with 485.0 yards per game in 10 regular season games. If bowl stats were included, the 1970 Auburn offense averaged 491.7 yards per game. Even at 485.0 yards per game, this record will be difficult to break but it’s not a major stretch. Last season, Auburn averaged 431.9 yards per game but it could have been much better had it not been for the 3-game slump. Had Auburn averaged 350 yards against Arkansas, LSU and Kentucky, the Tigers would have finished the season with 444.6 yards per game. Bump that average up to 375 per game against the same 3 opponents and you’re looking at 450.4 yards per game.

Yards per play: 7.09 (1970)

  Averaging over 7.00 yards per play is simply amazing, which makes this record nearly impossible to beat especially over a 12-14 game season. Of the 1174 FBS schools ranked by the NCAA during the past decade, only 12 averaged more than 7.09 yards per play and only 5 were from a BCS conference. The 2009 Auburn offense averaged 6.32 yards per play and I can see an increase to 6.6 in 2010 but not 7.0.

Most TD’s in a season: 56 (1995)

  The 2009 Auburn offense had 49 and I believe they will likely score 10 more in 2010, which would break the current record.

Points per game: 38.6 (1995)

  Last season, Auburn averaged 33.3 PPG putting them in striking distance of the school record. The 2010 Auburn offense has the potential to score 4-7 more points per game than 2009, which would eclipse the school record if accomplished. This is another record that has a high probability of being broken in 2010.

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