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Next Batch of Seniors


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WaSeeing the new depth chart, it has me raising some questions about who will replace this year's seniors.

T-Zac- Take your pick, really. I thought it would be Trovon Reed, but hes on the depth chart at H-Back!

Fannin- McCalebb and Dyer, deosnt take a genius to figure that out

Ziemba- It has to be between Sullen, Moseley, and Gayden. Also look for Coleman to come in and make some noise if he can get here.

Isom and Berry- I am expecting Mack to start at guard next year, and either Jerrell Bostrom or Jared Cooper to compete for the toehr job at guard.

Pugh- I am thinking Dismukes, natuarally. I assume the other possible condidate is current backup, RFr Blake Burgess

Carter- Nosa Eguae will be the next lead pass rusher AU.

Goggans- He might be replced beofre the season starts, but Dee Ford, Bonomolo, Sanders, and Lemonier will fight for it. This is the most wide open position I think.

Bynes- Either Harris Gaston or Curry. I noticed they moved Curry to backup Bates on the outside, so maybe its just so hell get more playing time behind Bates.

Stevens- Freeman or Evans. Right now, Freeman is above him on the depth chartvright now, we'll see how he performs.

Washington- Right now I am guessing T'Sharvan Bell. Lets see how the newcomers are.

Savage and Theridge- McNeil will pick up one of the positions, most likely Savage. Ikeem Means for the other, but again, lets see how the new guys play.

Byrum- Cody Parkey

Shoemaker- He might not even start this season, but the guy next year is definitely Clark.

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