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Post your Week 1 plays and reasoning


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Marshall +28 (@ Ohio State)

The Ohio State hype machine is in full force. Jim Tressel has nothing to prove by running up the score in the opener. The bucs play Miami, Fla., next week. They're going to show the canes as little as possible. OSU has started the season ranked highly each of the last five years and played a creampuff in each of those games that were much closer than they probably should have been. Also, the line has gone up since it opened and I think much of that is due simply to hype. Barring a lot of Marshall turnovers, they should cover.

Pittsburgh +3 (at Utah)

Although I expect the Utes to be good I don't think they have a 3-point edge. On a neutral field this game would probably be a pick 'em, and I don't think Utah has a homefield advantage worth 3 points. Pittsburgh has been a solid team in recent years, and if I'm not mistaken has had some good recruiting classes. Wanstedt isn't exactly the most confidence-inspiring coach from a gambling perspective, but I think he'll have his team ready for the opener. Also, the non-BCS heavyweights seem to be a little overvalued this year.


Memphis +21 1/2 (@ Miss. State)

A play on the underdog in this game seems a good idea. Mullen will be trying to play vanilla in anticipation of next week so taking the Tigers +3 TDs might not be a bad idea, though MSU probably still wins easy.

Auburn - 31 1/2 (vs. Arkansas State)

I won't bet on this game but do have an opinion. I know that CGM will want to get into the routine of setting a fast pace. The question is whether AU will go for the quick strikes or sustained drives. I'd like to see sustained drives. I haven't seen a total, but it could be a good day to play the under.

Washington +3 (at BYU)

This will either be Jake Locker's coming out party or the Huskies will get wrecked. BYU seems to play better on the road for some reason. Washington should be improved enough to keep this one close. Locker, IMO, puts them over the top. They may still lose, but it'll be close.

Oregon State +13 (at TCU)

Non-BCS powerhouses are overvalued. Riley and the Beavers are good enough to stay within two TDs.


Virginia Tech +2 (vs. Boise State)

See the explanation above. This game could move closer to a pick by gametime so try to get on the Hokies now.

If anyone disagrees or wants to add their own plays, do so in the space below.

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