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Unconfirmed Happenings


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  Let's not get into a panic, over "rumors" !!!! If any of it were true, one of the admins, or mods would have confirmed this by now. No internet sporting venue of any repute is confirming this erroneous garbage. I for one, will not lose a minute of anything over it. Amazing to me, with as many AU folks on this board with inside info, not 1 has come forward to collaborate on the aforementioned pile of dung.

  I for one do not have hardly any posts, because I rarely have anything to say. But this rumor spreading at precisely the day before our season opener, smells atrociously like a TURD inspired wish. Hell if any shread of truth were behind this, the 1-2 reputable turd sports writers would have already posted it from here to the ends of the known universe..... Good night all, WDE!!!!!

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