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Hopefully this will turn out to be the "Silver Lining!"


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I admit I was one of the "many" who somewhat lost my composure with some of our miscues on defense, fumbles, etc., but hopefully this will turn out to be a "silver lining" type scenario in the long run. The coaches have certainly gotten enough ammunition to get our guys attention and they should all recognize that they've got to improve in a hurry in order to achieve some of the lofty goals they, and we as fans, have set for ourselves this year! Had we been able as a team to "fire on all cylinders" tonight, it may would caused them to possibly think more highly of themselves than they should have! Maybe it will turn out to be "just what the doctor ordered!"

I still think we have the opportunity to be really great,....just need to learn from this and tighten up the belt and get ready for Miss. St.  :wareagle:

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