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I hadnt seen many people give them credit but to me our O line was outstanding on the pass plays and ill give them a B on the run Blocking all in all our offense is in good hands with Gus and Cam I really think Fannin (gotta hold on to the ball!!!) should be sharing time with E Smith at the H back postion and let Dyer and Mccalleb handle the load of the runs i think Gus held back a lot because you didnt see much of T Zac, Adams played well but drop 2 or 3 difficult but catchable balls, Carr is a serious deep threat that can give defense trouble.....we will have plenty big plays this year because other teams have to spy Cam if you blitz him he can buy time and throw the deep ball VERY WELL and if you play zone and just rush 4 our offensive line will give him all day to stand there or take off and gain at least 5 yards we should easily be top 10 offense this year!!............The defense i wasnt happy with but the made me feel better in the second half I like that we are blitzing now I love that but our corners have to come up and bump they gave those WRs a lil too much respect playin off 10 yards also i think they should work on the lanes on the blitz plays they are getting there but it seems like they a step late everytime we should have had a lot more sacks but it also made it easier for them because the corners were so far back but we had some stand out players on D of course Bates (I love how this guy plays he will play in the league) Carter, Fairley (could be our leader if he stays consistant because last year he had the same type of first game but i love the heart and he can BLOW the middle of a line up!)

NOBODY is gonna run all over us but pass D has to get better and i think they will!!


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