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Auburn - Clemson Score Predictions


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Auburn- 28

Fighting Dabos- 22


I hope not that close ... The conspiracy theorists are right and we were holding back ... A LOT!  We open the playbook and throw for 250+ and run for 300+.  Dyer gets over 100 and 5 different AU Tigers score touchdowns.

Aub - 52

Clemson - 24


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Auburn 54

Clemson 17    

This is where the real "eye opening" becomes a reality for the rest of the country.

Passing yds. 275  Rushing yds. 395  Total yds. 670

I also see Dyer getting 150 yds of the rushing total  :wareagle:

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Guest shirley4au9

35-24 Auburn.

I picked the MSU game close :D 

I was concerned with MSU also.  I don't think this will be a runaway game. Hope I'm wrong and AU wins big. War Eagle!

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My prediction all week has been the same as GAs. 31-17. I dont want to predict too many points for the O again cause I was like 4 touchdowns of against MSU. Parker will keep 'em in it, but our D showed us last week they can play with a good offense (just gotta tighten up on screen passes).

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