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Good game....


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If we were a high school team.

The way we played tonight was absolutely horrid.

The way our staff called the game tonight was absolutely horrid.

We got lucky, twice this year. Both teams that played us should have won and that makes me absolutely sick.

If we are going to be a contender for any decent championship game (SEC or National) our defense needs to learn how to play football and our staff needs to learn that holding back on the playbook for the bigger games is going to get us losses that we shouldn't have. Our offense was no where that game. I honestly think either Malzahn had a stroke and lost all of his ability to run an offense or the staff is doing something very stupid in the fact that they are holding the playbook back. I dunno which is happening but either way this is not going to make us go anywhere fast. A win is a win, I'll give you that.....but let's face it, unless you want another 2004 (which is unlikely at this moment because the way we have been playing 66% of our wins have come thanks to dropped passes on the other team) You have to actually beat.....not squeak by....the opponent.....I am tired of us losing games and going straight to....well....let's just beat bama......we need to attack each team in a decent manner.

As of right now, the Auburn Tigers I root for play like a high school team that has some very lucky calls in their favor....which means when we get to teams like Arkansas, LSU, Bama and maybe by the grace of God the SECCG....we are going to get the floor waxed with us.

Even coach tuberville played more aggressive then this for crying out loud...

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