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Auburn is Family


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Okay, so me and 3 friends were in Jordan Hare for the game Saturday. Section 33 to be exact. One of these friends just happened to be an Alabama fan but I had her saying War Eagle all day, so there is one positive. She is in a fantasy college pick'em league and had Auburn winning at a confidence scale of 7 (scale is 1 being lowest - 13 being highest) She kept complaining about how she isn't use to waiting on her team to score. I consistently told her to be patient that it'll come. I ended making conversation with guy sitting in front talking about the game how Clemson's offense always followed #83 after they motioned him. I told my other friend as long as we got some points before halftime it could be a game. Well the same friend I told that to actually fell asleep at halftime, but when Auburn run back on the field I woke him up and told him it wasn't over yet. Third quarter comes and we throw the INT and it took the breathe out of me and all around us but hopes were high, and then McCalleb scored and everybody was wide awake. I was going insane in Section 33. That's when the crowd showed up and by the end of that defensive possession I couldn't talk. What I'm about to tell you is the main reason I'm posting this. It sums up the respect I have for others and why Auburn fans are truly special. Anyway, after the defensive possession before Adams caught the TD I was just saying how great it would be to have something to drink, but I didn't want to miss any of this game. And the man I was making conversation with earlier in the turns around looks at me, and says "Do you really want something to drink?", and I said "It would be awesome to have something but I'm not missing this game." The man offers to actually go get me something to drink. I tried and tried to talk him out of it and he wouldn't take no for an answer, and he finally told me he was going to get me something. He wouldn't even take any of my money to buy my own drink. So the 3rd quarter is blowing by and he isn't showing up. And then I start talking with his wife and two kids and they tell me that actually graduated from Alabama but he converted to Auburn because of his wife and kids. Then he comes back with FOUR cokes in his hands.. $20 dollars worth of drinks and wouldn't take a penny in return for it. He bought me and each of my friends drinks. I told him, "I don't even know you're name, but you're a great person and you didn't have to do this War Eagle." No matter how many times I tried to pay him he wouldn't take any money.. The funny thing I thought about is that as soon as someone started doing something positive for someone else around the game seemed to turn around as well. I think that speaks volumes of how people treat each other. Auburn truly is family. Oh, and if you're wondering, Section 33 was crunk the entire night due to us 4 haha. Great time, and ready to do it again next week! War Eagle.

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