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The website is completely broke right now!  I can tell you now if we have to pay the other money out of pocket we will but the site will be SHUT DOWN immediately following the payment. We have received about 5 donations since April that has equaled about $150-$175.....that's pretty sad.....we also had 75-80 people say they would buy an orange or white shirt when we started selling them....we sold a whoppin 42.....I was hoping to make it until the end of the season but we are on pace to be done VERY SOON.

To donate


For those that would rather mail a check or money order

Here is our address:

BNS Sports Media, LLC

PO Box 29

Opelika, AL 36803


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We want DESPERATELY to keep this site going and to keep it FREE for everyone, but the REALITY of the situation is that SOMEONE has to PAY to keep this site going! And other than the small few of you who have donated so far (THANKS TO YOU, BTW!), the money has been coming from OUT OF AU_SportsTalk's and a couple of others' POCKETS! ST's dream was to create a site where everyone could come and get all of the Auburn-related info in ONE location WITHOUT having to pay for it! But in order for that to happen, EVERYONE has to contribute a little something on occasion! There are roughly 5,800 members on this site, and if every one of those contributed just $10 ONCE a year, that would be enough to keep the site up and running FOR YEARS! Now I know that times are tough... trust me we ALL feel it to some extent! But for ME, this site is an ESCAPE away from the troubles of everyday life, where I can come and discuss my FAVORITE topic in the world... AUBURN! And if this site were to go away, it would be a SAD, SAD day! Maybe that would be the best thing though.... to take it away for awhile, so everyone could see how SERIOUS this money situation is! But I HOPE that doesn't have to happen! YOU CAN make a difference and prevent that from happening! CLICK HERE, like BigBird said, and give WHATEVER you can! Or CLICK HERE if you want to buy a T-Shirt for a little more than TEN BUCKS! This is a GREAT shirt, and you can get it in Blue, White, or Orange! I've got multiple colors of EACH! Plus, you can buy ALL sorts of other AUsome AuburnEagle products! Please guys/gals... ST is too proud to come on here and beg you guys for help, and he's TOO nice to ask for $$$ (that's why he's LOST a TON of his own $ so far on this place), but I'm NOT too proud!



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