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  1. I suppose people are free to worship whichever celebrity the deem fit. Personally, I wouldn't recognize Taylor Swift if I passed her on the street, and I wouldn't attend a free concert if she was giving it in my neighbors back yard. Bread, and Circuses.
  2. Flanigan walking the promenade deck
  3. Flanigan makes a three. Am I in the Twilight Zone?
  4. Traveling doesn't exist in modern basketball apparently. I refuse to even watch NBA. They can go from half court to the basket, and only dribble one time.
  5. Great passing by KD. Smart basketball.
  6. Same old Flanigan. Makes a great drive, throws up a brick from four feet.
  7. Need to keep going inside. Get their big in foul trouble.
  8. That's probably the most telling stat of the game. Touche'
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