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  1. Yeah.... oREOs were never my thing. More into Cheap Tricks.....
  2. Ain't that a shame All REO wanted was for you to want them.
  3. The hardest hit he took the entire SEASON was the hit Tony Richardson planted on him in the EZ in celebration after that run LOL!
  4. And had to continued that type of recruiting he may have lasted longer. He started out with backs like that and ended up with backs like Rusty Williams & Demontray Carter, who together probably didn't weigh as much as Stephen Davis.
  5. Yessir. The only real exposure he/they got was the Pat Dye shows on Sunday. And believe it or not, the NCAA even limited the number of plays they could show as punishment as well. Of course I got the '93 commemorative..... VHS, HA! So there's THAT too...
  6. One of my all-time faves! As for why he's not thought of as much, unfortunately his two BA seasons were Pat Dye's last (terrible) year and when he really shined he was on the best team never seen in '93 during the TV blackout. I think the results of the '93 team, and the $$$$ that could have been made off of them, is why you probably won't see any more TV blackouts if the NCAA ever has the guts to honestly investigate *cough* bammer *cough* and put a team on probation. Sure, it may be punitive to cost that school recruiting exposure, but it's just as punitive to the conference & NCAA to cost them the TV $$$$. The scales will evermore balance on the side of $$$$. If anything, they'll simply keep the TV $$$$ for themselves as the punishment and take more scholarships away....but at least the team will be on TV.
  7. If it happened to me, your sentence would have ended there. 😵
  8. Even with all the covid-crazines we were actually able to go to Venice Beach last weekend. Outside of all concessions being closed, etc. and people not being able to park their blankets & umbrellas on top of each other (which is actually an IMPROVEMENT!!!!) everything else seemed fairly normal. People mostly seemed to act properly so it was good. We just walked a bit and the girls picked up shells (I just have a hard time in the sand with my neuropathy....se la, right?) but they had a good time. On the way home to North Port, which is the freakin' rain capital of the Southeast (ARRRRRGGHHHH!!!!!) we were blessed by a rainbow, which followed us all the way home. God bless!
  9. That means so much to me, thanks my brother. WAR Eagle!!
  10. Aww..MAN! Especially in SW Florida in the dead of summer. I've played with idiots who downed 12 packs and never even CONSIDERED some water in between. One guy, I played with literally almost had the ranger call an ambulance!
  11. Brother, if it weren't for this neuropathy that has removed playing golf from life, I wish I could take you up on it. That is one of my true regrets with this cancer (really more the chemo than the cancer itself) are the athletic endeavors that I can no longer enjoy. On a lighter note, I must admit watching me swing today would probably be pretty dang funny.... My driver would fly further than the ball and since I can barely feel the front half of my feet I'd be on my face immediately after, LOL!
  12. Oh my! Love the Hogan, Palmer styles...nice! I was old Wal-Mart shorts whatever polo I coukd find. That way, in my mind, "I snuck up on em". Then I'd shoot a 92 and realize it was actually me just not belonging...
  13. You may be right about the hair, but that's DEFINITELY golf's golfing attire!!!
  14. I'm gonna blame chemo-brain. Oh, and just being an ass.
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