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  1. I’d bet the house that the Yale player was coached to antagonize him to try to get some techs called. Worked like a charm.
  2. Man, we just get so rattled in close games. Missing free throws when it’s crucial and you’re 83% from the line? As poorly as we played, we win this game if the refs aren’t biased and call a really lopsided game. Unbelievable. Samford got robbed, too. All Alabama teams sent as far away as possible? Can’t tell me there’s not something to that. Ain’t no way.
  3. He literally just got a massive raise.
  4. Broome hurt from refs letting Yale abuse him all day. Sad.
  5. And we get called. All freaking game. All game. Can’t tell me the refs didn’t determine this game. Unbelievably biased.
  6. Ever since the tech, man. Game has been all refs crapping on Auburn.
  7. Gave the ball to Yale. Can’t tell me it’s not biased. Refs have had it out for us since the tech.
  8. Everything school. Play all sports at once. 😂
  9. I was thinking the same thing and was going to say that our reputation precedes us. That is biased officiating. They’re letting perception influence the calls and game. 🤷
  10. Man, game after game feels like we are under a microscope while our opponents get to do what they want. So tired of it.
  11. We seem to have terrible tournament luck.
  12. Auburn is the only team who can foul apparently. Pretty lopsided officiating.
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