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  1. I just hope he fixed that hole in his nose lol
  2. lol everybody was up my ass for saying this six weeks ago before we took our biggest postseason L in school history
  3. It’s a small town and SP has a reputation. I doubt he gets the job.
  4. Y’all can all go **** yourselves. This board is such trash
  5. I’m eating crow for being too negative in the first half. I’ve been told I’m too negative on this team for the last month because I think they’ll go 12-6 and maybe a sweet 16. I wish they’d value their possessions more because they look like they can get better. Bruce’s teams have always had that problem, going back to Tennessee. If there’s been some knocks on him as a coach it used to be that he didn’t put anyone in the NBA, outside of Tobias Harris, and his teams didn’t go very deep in March. Bruce has put a few in the league at Auburn and I’d love to see him go out on a string of successful seasons. I’ve had season tickets for so long I forget to just enjoy the current season.
  6. Bruce is literally the same coach as Gus but with different expectations. He wins a lot of games and it’s fun. I really hope we have some more success this year and it doesn’t get stale.
  7. Specifically the SEC Tournament games have stung because I’ve gone to the last two 😭
  8. Ill give props because we came back from being down double digits and avoided disaster on the road. There’s still some bad problems on this team that have me worried. Aden Holloway is getting worse. Chris Moore and Lior aren’t giving anything at the 3. I promise you all the people who want Pearl to step it up, love Auburn just as much as you do. We haven’t won any postseason games of note since Jared Harper. Bruce is starting to get scrutiny for that, and no one will complain if his teams can stop collapsing in March.
  9. Well this is why we beat them pretty bad the first time around
  10. Not at home, they won’t. We’re going to have to get some stops and hit some shots.
  11. I pencilled this in as a loss when we beat the s*** out of them a month ago so this isn’t surprising. We still have some serious holes on this team.
  12. Which is why I discount this talk of Ole Miss “playing out of their minds”. OM has more to improve on. We have a lot to improve on.
  13. JWill got the steal that created the basket?
  14. Great play by JWill and a nice finish by Denver. That’s the way we get better. Need more of that.
  15. They’re really not THAT bad lol. They’ve won a whole lot of games.
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