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USC v. OK - Orange Bowl

Cal v. Wisconsin - Rose Bowl

:au: v. Virgina - Sugar Bowl

Others of Interest:

UAB v. UTEP - Hawaii Bowl

:ua: v. OK State - Indep. Bowl

:lsu: v. FSU - Peach Bowl

:usc: v. Purdue - Music City Bowl

:uga: v. Texas - COtton Bowl

:ut: v. Michigan - Capital One Bowl

:uf: v. Iowa - Outback Bowl

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they've had us sugar bowl bound for the last couple of weeks, ever since we beat UT, i'm pretty sure. there are also a lot of analyst saying that if we win out, we'll move up in the BCS regardless of what OU or USC does. so that would mean we'd be orange bowl bound.

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I may be missing it but I thought the orange was the top bowl then the Fiesta I don't see anyone in the Tostito Fiesta Bowl. It doesn't matter anyway but I thought the Orange got first choice the the Fiesta then the Rose then the last bowl Sugar. I could be wrong .

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