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When Notre Dame beats USC


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BCS Standings

USC - .9789

OU - .9642

AU - .9356

Cal - .8504

Texas - .8301

Utah - .8172

Boise St. - .6359

UGA - .6296

Miami - .6256

Louisville - .6123

Well you got your BCS conference champion tie-ins:

ACC - Miami (let's say they beat V.tech)

Big East - B.C.

Big Ten - Michigan

Big 12 - OU

Pac 10 - USC

SEC - Auburn

And your non-BCS conference ranked in the top 6: Utah

So we would have:

Orange Bowl - AU and OU

Rose - Michigan vs. USC

The other two bowls aren't set in stone, I dont' know how it would pan out. Let's assume the Sugar wants Miami, which will probably happen.

Sugar - Miami

Fiesta - Utah

So now we need to fit B.C. somwhere and also another at large bid....It all depends on how Texas fairs this week against aTm. If TX beats the aggies to the ground, the Fiesta would definitely take the Horns for a Utah - TX matchup....which would leave a Miami - B.C. matchup (not too bad)

Let's say Texas loses, it probably wouldn't drop them enough to elevate Boise St. to the top 6 (but if it did, there will be hell to pay)...this would just leave Cal in the place of Tx. Now I don't know which bowl would want Cal (most likely the Fiesta).

I did this just to make things interesting around here. First things first though....Irish beat the Trojans and AU beat UT.

War Eagle

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