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  1. Randy Moss at WR with Thorne at QB is still going to be the same problem. Thorne isn’t a starting QB in the SEC.
  2. What kind of throw is that? Fairweather makes a miracle catch and only gets a few yards. A better throw and he gets maybe 5 yards rather than a couple.
  3. If he had 10 years back then it would still be way off by 10 yards
  4. And yet our head coach is sticking with Thorne at QB in 2024. What does he see that I don’t?
  5. This team makes backup QBs look like Heisman winners.
  6. ROFL. See you guys in 2024. This team is badly coached.
  7. To think we have 2024 to look forward to with Thorne at QB.
  8. It’s on ABC for all the world to see on cable television.
  9. We act like we deserve a better bowl game when in reality we are lucky to be in one.
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