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  1. How so? I am not on Twitter so I have no idea.
  2. You stole my thread from me!
  3. Yes with his whole family
  4. I will miss KD's enthusiasm on the floor. He really was fun to watch and I will miss him. I wish KD nothing but the best moving forward.
  5. Was the foul called or an ejection? I don't think so. Targeting did not come into effect until 2013. Here is the play. No foul or ejection after.
  6. I would say until the 2010's, for what it is worth. Produced this bad boy:
  7. My personal opinion on the matter is CBM will learn from this. The ejection was an embarrassing and frustrating life event for him. He cost his team dearly. I think he will come back stronger next year because of it. I think this because of a quote I read from him before the tournament started: "I could say that I'm a person who really cares a lot. When I say I'm down for you, I really mean it. I'll give you my all. I said to these guys, 'If I have to, God forbid the worst happen out there for us to win. I'm throwing it all out there and my mom built that in me." Chad was not able to live up to this quote and I think that will motivate him to come back stronger next year and learn from his mistakes. Sometimes it takes one life event to really put things into perspective.
  8. We had our chances at the end. Just couldn’t close the deal. Congrats to Yale though.
  9. Before we start our tournament tomorrow I just want to take a second and pause. No matter what the outcome of the tournament will be for us, this was one of the most enjoyable teams for me to watch. The chemistry we had all year. The brotherhood the team had. All of it. They have made me extremely proud to be an Auburn alum. Now, let's get this win tomorrow!
  10. https://www.facebook.com/share/v/s45oqjkCckV8QKPx/?mibextid=WC7FNe
  11. Just remember, we were saying the same thing back in 2019 with our selections. Got to go through the big guys eventually. Bring them on.
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