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  1. I hope you’re right, but it looks to me that even more successful teams like UGA and bama are having to overpay just to keep depth. The average NFL career is only around 3 years, so I expect the price tags to keep rising for everyone and those who have the money will compete, the rest will forever swim in the middle. You no longer will have the luxury of 2-4 years with a diamond in the rough you developed or a key recruiting win you can build a team around. If Coleman blows up this season, we’ll have to blow the bank up to keep him a second yea, not to mention the offensive linemen on the bench South Carolina may have to overpay for to patch another year’s rotation. Compared to overpaying for 10 or so guys in round ball, football is going to be really tough to show ROI in for the future.
  2. I'm not sure football's can. Projected numbers I last saw have 8 teams in conference ahead of Auburn in available NIL dollars and we're way behind the likes of Texas, UGA, A&M and Alabama. Football is a sport with so many moving pieces that being behind will likely cement you in place with NIL. With basketball, I don't think that's as much the case. I know who Auburn is and know all the money is going to go to football, but in terms of purely investment, it's probably the worst sport for us to dump money into. Cincy and UCF understand that, but they don't have the football history.
  3. Not really. It’s about how much a school’s boosters can pony up, and Auburn blows everything on a middling football team.
  4. Those days are done. The game is OL, QBs and WRs, period. We had decent backs and have had decent backs throughout our slump. We've had only two QBs worth a flip in nearly a decade, we've never had top receivers and Gus didn't think we needed an offensive line. Our success this year is going to be Peyton Thorne. The line should be somewhat improved. WRs should be quite a bit better. If he can rise to that talent level around him, we could see 8 wins. If the guy who took the field against Maryland shows up, we might match last year's record. I don't expect our rushing numbers to change very much.
  5. And every team we play next year is going to be baiting that guy to do just what Yale got him to do and the refs - just like with Yale - will be waiting for it. And it will cost us. There's a reason the teams annually showing up deep in the tourney stay there. They play disciplined ball. CBM is a talented player, but the word's out on him now. If he can't reign it in next season, he'll be on the bench one way or the other and if he can't play his best while reigning it in, this is as far as his basketball journey is going to go.
  6. Yale knew perfectly well they could bait Mazara and they did and it worked. Pearl knew KD was an out of control turnover machine and still had him in the game in critical moments. Pearl has weaknesses that blueblood coaches tend to minimize. He gets a lot out of less talent than others, but getting over the hump in terms of tourney play is going to continue to be a challenge because of discipline... because that's when it's needed the most.
  7. I’m thinking 7-5 as well. If we have more New Mexico State type games, could just match last year’s record.
  8. Maybe when it becomes apparent we can’t afford a playoff football team, more money will come back to basketball. We have a much better shot of championship level play in that sport now.
  9. True, but now that the game is openly about money only and players can leave just about whenever they want, the amount of investment needed to build even a competitive team in the major conferences is going to be a continually escalating number... and that kind of investment will require results. It's hard to see average record teams getting off the ground in this new game. And as the above average pool shrinks, basketball may quickly catch up to football in interest at the college level.
  10. At this point, I'm starting to feel like we should start moving more of the NIL we have towards basketball. I think football is going to be a losing cause for a lot of teams, if they're expecting to compete for championships, where as in basketball I think that NIL money can go a lot farther.
  11. That’s the big question and from the look of things so far, I’m not so sure. I fear a lot of teams are going to be forced to readjust their traditional view of where they stand due to NIL making everything purely about booster dollars.
  12. You haven’t made the move to AltaVista yet?
  13. Dye brought the Iron Bowl to Auburn and put us on top of the conference. He made Auburn a team people expected to see in the polls every year. Shug, I can get the argument for. He was a great man and as great a representative of Auburn as they come. Outside of those two, only Tuberville deserves to be in the conversation in my mind. Chizik got us a championship, but I can't help but feel he started us on a path that now has us scrambling to catch up with the Mississippi schools rather than expecting to beat Georgia or Alabama every year. Gus aggravated the situation and Harsin punched the accelerator right into the wall. I just hope we get another candidate in the years to come.
  14. The NFL would be run at the behest of the owners in partnership with the player's union. Who "runs" college football in a pay world? The universities? Some sort of booster collective? The broadcasters? I think this thing is far more messy than some give it credit for.
  15. Even if we are in the "haves", I suspect we'll be in the middle, at best, and with Texas and OU, maybe lower middle. It just being a question of booster money now, this entire thing only gets more tenuous with unions and seems much more dependent on inflated TV contracts which are probably going to wither as the effects of NIL take hold on the game itself. What is morbidly interesting to me is how much interest college football will continue to generate when the "haves" grow increasingly fixed in place and the "have nots" drop investment in the game altogether.
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