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  1. Yup. Because there's no way that Thorne can improve when CHF is hands on with QBs like he's going to be this year & like he was at Ole Miss & Liberty.
  2. @AuburnNTexas No. Rankings for 2024 high school signing classes remain the same. Any high schoolers who sign & end up elsewhere will be credited to their new schools as transfers, not high school signees.
  3. @CameronCrazy Walker White says hi.
  4. @AUght2win Bird is the only 1 note worthy I've seen predict it. I'm in wait & see mode.
  5. @tigeraddikt Likely depends on what he & his mom can get on the market. They are shopping for NIL & PT.
  6. Just changed his announcement date to April 11th per JLee. Incidentally Miami's spring game is April 13th.
  7. @Zeek Day before. He's committing Friday the 5th, I believe at noon. A Day is Aplril 6th.
  8. Since he got to a Natty at Washington, by beating Texas in the process, it's more than just potential.
  9. The portal He almost transferred last year so I would not assume he is a lock to return.
  10. He's won big everywhere he has been, including getting Washington to the Natty game, so it's a fair rating for now, especially when you look at 4-16, all of whom have flaws.
  11. @Tiger Jinxes can't be reversed. Since it's already out there it's ride or die metaphorically speaking.
  12. @TuscaloosaTiger Based on last year's Sunday game times, anywhere from roughly 5:10 PM CT to 8:40 PM. Virtually 0 chance of that happening. The 1st 3 games on Sunday are all on CBS and with an exclusive window for the 1st 2 games. Our 2nd round game, should we win, is not a big enough national match up for CBS to take, whether it be SDSU or UAB. Also with us being the only West Coast Site on Sunday our game will be at 6:10 or 8:40 based on last year's Sunday West Coast game times. ETA: If Duke & Wisky advance that's almost a lock to be the 1st or 2nd CBS game. I would put heavy money down on defending champ UConn being the other early CBS game.
  13. @tinman1 IF we win, we play again on Sunday. Sunday game times will not be announed till early Saturday morning.
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