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  1. Our secondary is solid so any improvement and depth to the front seven is a win for Auburn's defense. Raikes and Blidi raise our floor at worst. I honestly think Durkin would benefit from running a more true 4 man front when possible and not expecting to have a powerful nose tackle. Blidi is a guy who doesn't pop on a stat sheet but creates enough chaos in the middle to be impactful. Raikes I honestly haven't gotten to watch much of but those who know more than me seem high on him. The edge rusher is legit. Definitely helps the rotation there. I would like to see a little more momentum in terms of landing a receiver or two in the portal.
  2. I grew up wearing this exact jacket. Another good addition at an area of need. The focus is receiver, some depth at corner, and possibly a depth piece at quarterback and running back if certain players leave.
  3. I think so but I’m not ready to say anything definitive yet
  4. On3 doesn’t know squat lately lol. It wasn’t a tight race.
  5. Seems like a commitment. Definitely an upgrade to the interior of the defensive line.
  6. If he leaves Georgia without being committed I’ll start entertaining Rashada. We have the money but is he okay with sitting the bench and if we’re fine with paying a backup that much.
  7. I hope I’m wrong but I was concerned with his film and numbers coming out of high school too. It’s one thing to not know the full offense but his ball placement was brutal. We shall see.
  8. So hard to predict. I think we see an obnoxious amount of frosh playing this year. The portal has made it easier than ever to plug holes too. Year 3 is definitely a better schedule for us but it all focuses on QB play frankly. We’ll be looking for a new starter. Early signs of White aren’t impressive to me.
  9. If the OL is as good as reported and Cobb is as talented as the staff believes and if Freeze really wasn’t calling/designing the offense last year, then we could see a drastic improvement even with Thorne. We have a better receiving group for sure. Defense looks better. 8-4 is attainable but I’m not convinced of anything more than that
  10. I don’t think any major D1 program head coach agrees. He’s considered on of the best players in the portal currently
  11. Updated with targets that have generated some buzz and confirmed interest
  12. This is feeling inevitable. I am told the staff prioritized him out of the portal targets.
  13. If we had a better quarterback I’d say screw it pay him lol
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