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  1. Therein lies the real reason. Smackdown is missing their biggest star. The show has much better pacing when he’s there and the show just has a better flow to it.
  2. Why would Summerslam being near make it be expected that raw would be the better show right now?
  3. Crowd carried in France. It made everything great. .
  4. He’s still over and I haven’t even the slightest clue as to why. He’s having even less interesting and compelling feuds not to mention the matches haven’t been as high quality since mania than Sami’s.
  5. No true white meat baby face like Sami and Cody are compelling as champs.
  6. The Bama brand and their nil certainly are. If Kalen was such a great recruiter he would have shown even just a shred of evidence of it at Washington. He never did. Chris Petersen recruited well there. Kalen in his short time there did not. If you swapped coaches Kalen would recruit pretty terribly at AU and freeze would recruit even greater at bama than Kalen is right now. bama has been the best program in the country since 2009. It’s going to take a few years of mediocre seasons on the field for them to start tailing off. They will always recruit really good but if they start losing a few each year they will “slide” to that top 5-10 range and not top 3 every tear. We haven’t had a winning season since 2019. We haven’t been a good program year in year out since tubs. What freeze has since he got here is nothing short of a miracle. We have no business recruiting as well as we have since he got here. The end of the Gus tenure and the whole Harsin tenure sunk the AU brand to the lowest it ever has been arguably ever. And def since barfield. You can’t expect the man to come in and get top 5 classes every year. The fact we most likely *knock on wood of course. We are still the barn after all. 😂😂* going to have 2 straight top ten classes is inconceivable in our position.
  7. Idk but it hasn’t mattered who our coach is or what bowl game it has been since Chiz. Every head coach has been absolutely freaking awful in bowl games to this point. Hoping freeze can change that.
  8. Winning a freaking bowl game man! Good grief we have to be the worst program in the country the last decade in them.
  9. Jay Ratliff. Our only 2x First team all pro not named Willie Anderson or Kevin Greene in Auburn history. Gets extremely overshadowed.
  10. @AuCivilEng1here is your final boss content!!! 😂😂 but forreal LFG!!! I’m hyped for this!!
  11. You cannot be serious brother…. Not even remotely the same thing. The what chants were and still are annoying af. Yeet?! Pure harmless fun and entertainment! Why are you like this?! Why are you doing this?! Just enjoy the fun man!!! I never saw stone cold what chants have an epic entrance like that!!!
  12. Come on brother! Hop on the bandwagon with us!! @AuCivilEng1 😂😂
  13. Lol you know it’s all love. You are like a brother to me. Just having fun and messing around. I want you riding shotgun with us on this magical ride the bloodline are taking us on fam!
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