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  1. Any updates on this? Weird how nothing else has been reported.
  2. I’ll be disappointed with anything less than 9-3. I guess you have to allow for losses to Georgia and Bama but nobody else on our schedule should be better than us. No LSU and no Ole Miss. At Mizzou and home against Oklahoma will be tough but we shouldn’t be losing all 4 of those games. I’m interested in how quickly Thorne gets pulled if he doesn’t show big improvement on last season. There’s no reason Freeze shouldn’t have someone ready to step in after a couple of games.
  3. He’s 65. Why would he want that headache?
  4. Between Aden, Tre and Pettiford, I thought we could find a PG.
  5. I’m surprised we’re looking at a transfer Guard. Do we expect another G to leave?
  6. Didn’t he initially join the best team in Auburn history?
  7. I’d assume we’re an ideal spot for transfer 5s. Is there anyone of interest beside the Rutgers kid?
  8. If 4 teams finish 13-5, what happens? Who gets the 5 seed?
  9. Can someone explain why Bama is ahead of us in the bracket preview and all the bracketology sites? Unless I’m missing something, their best win is against us and then we pasted them at Auburn. Is getting your ass beat by every good team a reason to be ranked so highly. Honestly, Tennessee doesn’t seem much different, but at least they’ve beat Wisconsin and Illinois
  10. I thought it was a well established fact that Auburn is a basketball blue blood. We can quibble over whether Duke should still be included after Coach K retired.
  11. How disappointing. Were there not any DCs candidates who don’t ignore a player’s health until they die?
  12. How high do we climb. A lot of teams ahead of us lost this week: Memphis, Duke, Wisconsin, Baylor. Also no reason we shouldn’t be ahead of Arizona and Kentucky. Maybe Kansas falling below us is too much to expect.
  13. Williams decommitted from Bama. Looks like we’re his last visit too.
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