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  1. With him CBM, Denver, Chaney, and Cardwell we have a five man roster with the two freshman giving us some depth at 3 with Jahki and at 1 and 2 with Pettiford. We need Broome to return at 5 as i don't see Dylan as a starter unless he can keep fouls down and add some post offense. If Broome does not return we need another 5. We also could use another PG or a CG and a PF from the Portal.
  2. Eternal optomist. I hope you are right, but I think our pitching is suspect
  3. At some point the state of Alabama has to address this inequity. I keep thinking because it hurts bama they will. So far not even hurting bama has helped with gambling money.
  4. From what I can see so far we are looking at our best o-line class in a long time. A very good d-line including edge, a very good db class. Questions remain on QB, WR, RB, and maybe LB. Lots of time to work on the areas that are iffy so far. Pick up a top QB and I think other skill positions will fall into place. I think we also need to see improvement on the field. It is hard to sell the future without seeing any improvement.
  5. I know there is a better chance of flips in the NIL era but I am still excited by our O-line recruiting in this cycle.
  6. No that money is different then NIL money.
  7. I know it is more than just the win/loss column. That said it shows each year we are better. This coming year we also need to be better in SEC record.
  8. CBM announced he is returning with him having a year with Auburn I expect him to be better this year. With Jahki Howard coming in we should be better at the SF position. Assuming Pegeus commits, Denver returns, and with addition of Pettiford we should be better at both PG and SG but will need Aden to return for depth at PG or will need another guard in the Portal. Chaney will be better rebounder then Jaylin but we will miss Jaylins combination of inside and outside scoring. We will need a true 4 from portal. 5 depends on Broome and Cardwell if both return we will be good if either leaves we will need a 5. Depending on which 5 leaves then we either need a starting 5 or a backup 5. I think Cardwell stays. I am hoping Broome does. We have potential to be better or worse depending on who stays and who we bring in from portal. I am leaning towards better.
  9. I wanted him back as he has grown from year to year. I want to thank him for his time here.
  10. There are some quality players in the Portal. I see they expect Pegeus a PG to commit to us. 6'1" 185 pounds so not tiny by PG standards that is good. The sooner other Auburn players like Broome decide to go or stay the better so we can get on the players before they commit elsewhere. I saw a few Centers and PF that I think we could use. I would go after PF now as we will need even if Broome returns.
  11. Even more important we get a PG in the portal.
  12. I hate to do it but bama desrves some kudos. They beat some solid teams and they worked very hard to get where they are. It is a team with defeciencies but has so far found a way to overcome those deficienses. I think having a great PG is why they are where they are.
  13. Devon was a very good SG, but we need another SG to compliment him. As to PG, Pettiford might be what we need but we thought Aden was the answer getting a proven PG is the right way to go. We also need a complimentary 4 and a 5 who is capable of being a starter if Broome does not return.
  14. Want to wish all a Happy Easter. May you and your family receive the Lord's blessing's on this wondrous day.
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