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  1. It also took Harsin to the very last series of Ga St to finally pull bo last year. Unless RH balls out, and starts throwing the ball like Brady I don't think it's an automatic change to QB1
  2. Harsin has used a running QB in the past, given the opportunities already RH has had to run, i wouldn't be surprised if Harsin went full Gus with QB runs and deep balls. If the practice reports on RH also throwing to the other team are true, we've gotta hope TJ can figure it out, but so far he looks like what everyone expected.
  3. You quoted me more than once in just your race baiting rants on the firing ADAG thread bro. 🤣
  4. I'm not even the one to bring up bo 🤣 It was one of the guys you're agreeing with trying to use him as a gotcha lmao
  5. Yea that single pick was a good damn play by the DB. I said it, the announcers said it, hell even bird agreed. That doesn't change anything about how bad bo is or how bad TJs picks are. When TJ throws a good ball that a DB balls out to pick, I'll say the same thing then.
  6. I've called Bo garbage multiple times in this thread. Once again, you look functionally mentally deficit.
  7. Bo is near universally hated by this fan base dumbass. No one disagrees that he is garbage. It isnt killing off a QB when you have a supposedly Uber close race and the lead guy gift wraps turnovers against a c tier defense. The other guy rightfully should get the same opportunity.
  8. I haven't said anything about his not throwing a dime earlier. Get your s*** right if you're going to argue and not look like a fool. He played bad last year. His bad play has continued to this year. Do we need to get a big whiteboard from the library to help you visualize how simple this is?
  9. Bo took massive s*** from the entire fan base. He was also the obvious best choice. That doesn't mean he wasn't also bad, just not as bad.
  10. We aren't discounting anything. Again the expectation is to do really well in this game. If/when Ashford gets multiple turnovers he will be in the same doghouse.
  11. Bo would be shat on for this too. Tom ******* Brady would be shat on for throwing these picks. Again since you seem to be really ******* dense. Turnovers outweigh literally everything else. If you can't protect the ball, nothing else matters.
  12. Yes they will praise him when he meets the expectations. If he throws 2 terrible horrible embarrassing pics then he will be shat on as well.
  13. If tank didn't get tackled he never had to throw at all and the turnover diesnt happen and we score. But hey let's not use logic.
  14. Dude we're playing Mercer. The expectation should be very high completion % AND no picks. Turnovers outweigh everything else.
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