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Dems now crying over anti-sKerry movie!


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Sinclair Broadcasting Group, a broadcasting company that owns 62 television stations, has decided to broadcast a television movie before the election called "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never  Heal."  This is a 42-minute movie about The Poodle's anti-war activities when he came back from Vietnam.  It will be shown on all of their stations, many of which are in battleground states.

As expected, the Democrats are up in arms over this.  They're outraged that a company would choose the programming it wants to run on its own stations.  At least 18 senators have come out against it.  The film includes interviews with Vietnam war POWs, their wives, and others that were affected by Kerry's testimony about atrocities.  The company has invited John Kerry to be a guest on the program.  That's not enough for the DNC.

What say the Democrats?  Since they don't like the content of the broadcast, they are trying to get it banned from the airwaves.  We call that "censorship."  The Democratic National Committee is going to file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission today, complaining that the broadcast amounts to an illegal contribution to President Bush's campaign.  To state it in the plainest possible terms, the Democrats are asking the Imperial Federal Government to use its monopoly on the use of force to prevent a private corporation from airing programming Democrats don't like.  Censorship is the only word that really applies.

If the DNC can prevent these television stations from running this programming, why can't they similarly move to stop talk radio hosts from talking about their trick Poodle?

The left is interested in freedom of speech...until they don't agree with it.  At that point, they want to use the power of the Imperial Federal Government to crush any dissenting views.


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