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  1. He don’t squeeze many in. Or they edited out the shots that actually touched the rim. He has a nice dribble that allows him to creat his own shot. I’m hoping it translates to SEC play quickly. The good thing is if his three is off, he has a pretty quick move to the basket. Seems to be a good passer also. I like it.
  2. The AD needs to be making plans to have this guy promote all sports for the next several years or longer. He just brings a smile to your face every time he shows up.
  3. Do they have any good dribble shooters left?
  4. They said he actually won the “shoot out” the night before. Whatever That is.
  5. It’s official. You get to choose AU’s next PG. Sears with what seems like 10 clutch threes! Find us another one of him!
  6. I’m not truly surprised. I think he felt he deserved more playing time at the end of the season. I will miss his tenacity.
  7. Agreed! For everyone else, bottom line is, Chad is coming back. He's one helluva player that I, and many others, enjoyed seeing get better and better. Everybody claims to want a player with a little dog in him. Maybe some of you need to reevaluate. Bruce and Chad know it was a mistake. And whether or not we agree with the call, it went down the way it did and caused the team to be rattled enough that I'm not sure they ever really gelled back up. I don't think we'll see that mistake in the post season again. I do think he will have to learn to play a bit more controlled as every ref will have seen and discussed that ejection by next season. Chad is the least of our worries. That is the one position that we DON'T have to worry about having an excellent starter at.
  8. The new apparel deal will be announced with the starting QB news. That way half of us will be excited. And the other half will be wondering what just happened...
  9. My bad. We should get a petition together and have him removed from the team. No way we trust the actual head coach to address it. Carry on. My pop psychology certificate ran out last year anyway.
  10. CBM will be a huge part of our production next season. I welcome him back. He’ll grow from this a. Some of you act like he dropped off several guns to be used for nefarious purposes.
  11. This should create a more focused player. I mean, you would have thought he was dropping off random guns to random people…
  12. If he gets an F1, we run them out of the gym.
  13. What is that? Asked every AU fan….
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