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i christmas carol for tomarrow night


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Body: Twas the night before football,

When all thru my house.

Eveyone was sleeping,

Including my spouse.

My remote has new batteries,

For the TV in my den.

In eager anticipation,

For the Season to begin.

My childeren are all nestled,

And snug in their beds.

While visions of last years Iron Bowl,

Still play in my head.

I got out my game shirt,

And my favorite Auburn cap.

I can't sleep a wink,

Not even a nap.

When there on the TV,

I heard a familiar sound.

It was ESPN Sports Center,

They were counting it down.

It was now just hours,

Before the season would start.

What was that beating,

It must be my heart.

Every year at this time,

I feel the same way.

As time seems to stand still,

Just before it's game day.

It's this time each year,

That makes football so much fun.

Everyone is a Champion,

Before the first game is won.

Even bama, oh bama,

Do they have a real shot.

Will they make it thirteen,

I think....Not.

So to every fan out there,

Who can't sleep tonight.

"War Eagle to All",

and let The Eagle take Flight !!

War Eagle !!

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