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  1. It’s so awesome seeing KJ Britt, Carlton Davis, and Jamel Dean all starting and making plays on the same defense in the NFL. KJ’s getting props about being the best thumper on the team. Very impressive he got a starting nod with how talented their lb’s are I thought he was still just on the return team.
  2. Idk if they got it down the field could Anders have hit the FG to tie the game at the end. Looks like he was in his head. I hate that this will follow him. Hopefully he don’t get death threats.
  3. I said I would take it easy on the cowboy fans since as an au fan I know all too well about inevitable disasters and seeming to be cursed but….
  4. Next true freshman to start like Bo 👀
  5. I felt that associate head coach position was just to make him feel better after he took over from Harsin.
  6. Mannnnn smh. Beating them without him won’t feel the same. Couldn’t even get one more win. It ends on that BS game.
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