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  1. These Bama tears are glorious. Now they're trashing NIL because they can't pay up like the Texas schools, Ohio State and UGA. lol. The Saban discount is over!
  2. I'm taking this as Zac will possibly be next.
  3. If we're getting someone better then I have no problem with it.
  4. If this means we're getting Nix....I'm fine with it.
  5. I'm in CHF corner but missing on Thorne and now Caddy is gone. He better start winning next year!
  6. Seems to be the case. Sucks b/c it did a decent job on the field considering the personnel we had. But can't go around disrespecting coaches and players if you're preaching about culture. Doesn't make him a bad guy, just wasn't a good fit for what HF wants.
  7. Especially if we don't see improvement at the QB position.
  8. I agree that he's running too much. It's been funny to me that people were hanging their hats on we can count on him to produce the same or similar numbers next season. I think it's a case of he is a little more athletic than what we initially thought but I don't believe in PT as a runner. He got lit up a couple of times on Saturday. I'd rather he use his running skills to maneuver in the pocket and go through progressions to hit WRs or just throw it away.
  9. I don't know if Hank was playing against Maryland's 2nd or 3rd string but I do know that WRs were magically open and started catching passes. I've said all along that the WRs are getting too much blame. Never been a PT believer b/c he needs to be surrounded around a lot of talent to be an above-average QB. His best year at Mich St. they had 2 NFL-caliber WRs(Reed & Coleman), 1 current NFL RB(Walker) and a very solid OL. Even with star-studded WRs next year I don't we'll improve much with him. He needs to be surrounded by very good WRs, RBs and OL to perform to his highest potential. He's not a difference-maker and can't elevate talent. Props to Hank Brown though. I don't care what the situation was. He came in and ran a competent offense.
  10. This is why i don't understand why some are excited regarding his rushing yards this season. Yes, it has been nice but that's not going to be the norm for him going forward. Defenses will adjust to it next year. He's going to get his head knocked off if we run him; just like he got his bell rung in this game.
  11. Should've spend the money to get Cam Ward when we had the chance
  12. I'm a little surprised that Riley hasn't been inked with ND yet. Just a feeling, but it wouldn't surprise me if HF is working quitely to secure Cam or Riley. It's hard for me to believe that he's pushing hard to upgrade every position on the team but not at QB. We may not land either QB but I don't believe for one second that we're not pushing hard to get a top-rated QB in the portal.
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