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  1. No. Aden and Wendell aren't even in the same stratosphere as Tahaad when it comes to athleticism and ability to score and get to the rim and actually finish. Aden was never that player. He's supposed to be the sharpshooter. I give Wendell credit for being pretty fearless and getting into the lane but those two are not Tahaad.
  2. Like Hurley said, "We recruit NBA players...". Let's see what BP does this off season...
  3. This is how we'd put teams away at Home...they've done it to every single team. That's wild. I think that's how it was last year too, wasn't it?
  4. UConn plays fast....not as much in transition than bama but they wearing Purdue out.
  5. Lol, Charles Barkley is hilarious, 🤣
  6. Yeah, I couldn't have said it better myself. I was just thinking "There's no way we would hang with either of these teams..." but man I would have loved to get the chance!
  7. Man, I can't remember the last time I saw a battle of the giants like this in college ball. Reminds me of the 90's/early 2000's NBA.
  8. Not it is not. I've been black my whole life last time I checked and we can say some ignorant things so you're not absolved, LOL. I didn't accuse you of anything. We're all grown here, no need to be coy about "what faction" it was that was criticizing her but you made it all cryptic for no reason whatsoever. If it was really about the WNBA players like you say it is, then that should just be said. I'm not really understanding why you needed to make it a secret.
  9. Are the Steven Pearl folks going to want him to stay and take over? 🤣
  10. Oh I saw it. I also saw people in the comments calling SC a bunch of "men" and "beasts". Same thing with LSU except it was "ghetto" and "classless". Clark has been the most beloved women's player in a very long time and hate wouldn't be the word I'd use for her critics. She shoots extremely well but plays zero defense. She's a volume shooter who needs like 20+ shots a game to be at her best. I don't see her getting up that many shots in the WNBA but she will be great to watch to see what happens with her game. The women in the WNBA are licking their chops to silence all of that noise. It happens when you're quote on quote the "best player". It's mostly competitiveness and less hate I feel like though.
  11. Inquiring minds would love to hear. We're listening... Since I'm not afraid to say it, are you saying BLACK people hated on her?
  12. Hate? She's like the most beloved player to play, like ever. Lol. Media rode her like a dawg the past two years too. It'll be interesting to see how she does in the WNBA though. More people will be watching, that's for sure.
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